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Workshop Package GC Deal

3 CLASSES of 8 Sessions (Save $127)
For students who have only completed “Get to Know Your Camera”

NOTE: First purchase this package, and then use the emailed gift card code to pay for your classes. IT’S REALLY JUST A GIFT CARD.
You may not purchase this package for another person. Only the student may do that. However, you can always give your loved one a gift card for the same amount which allows her to purchase this package if she wishes.

This specially priced gift card is designed students who have completed just the “Get to Know Your Camera” class and did not purchase a workshop package.

Save money when you buy this special coupon for the following 3 photography classes:

Make Great Pictures, Now! (with Photo Critique): 2 Sessions

(A photo composition class taught by a master)
Prerequisite: Get to Know Your Camera

Digital Photo Basics: 2 Sessions

(This essential class covers lenses, filters, flash, and much more.)
Prerequisite: Get to Know Your Camera

Complete Exposure (Hands-on): 4 Sessions

(Master exposure once and for all)
Prerequisite: Get to Know Your Camera

NOTE: Make Great Pictures, Now! may be taken at any time, even before Get to Know Your Camera.
Get to Know Your Camera must be taken before Digital Photo Basics 1 and Complete Exposure.

This workshop package applies to 3 classes (totaling 8 sessions) that provide you with a very solid foundation and address the technical and creative sides of photography, but also introduce you to photography technique.

Nancy from Glen Ellyn emailed us about our photo composition class, “I thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ class and look forward to further learning. Your energy and depth of knowledge are inspiring! Thanks for a great experience.”

Laurel from Wheaton wrote about our photo composition class, “I love Mike’s photography, but I didn’t take ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ just to learn how to compose a picture. I took the class to learn how Mike composes a picture.”

–  Digital Photo Basics provides essential information that expands on what you learned in Get to Know Your Camera. Learn about lenses, filters, flash, raw files, crop factor, making sharp images, and much more.
Complete Exposure teaches you how to finally be your camera’s master so that you can make perfect exposures even under the most challenging lighting conditions.
–  Make Great Pictures, Now! gives you valuable compositional rules and insights to dramatically improve your photography by simply changing the perspective and position of the camera.

If you have further questions about the photography courses by Creative Eye Workshops™ and Mike MacDonald Photography, just contact us.