Online & In-Person Photography Classes in Barlett, Streamwood, & Elgin
by Creative Eye WorkshopsTM

Digital Photography Made Simple
(with In-Person & Online Photo Classes)

Learn To Photograph the Things You Love Most!

Our photography classes in Elgin, Bartlett, and Streamwood area help you photograph the things you love most.

Our photography classes help you photograph the things you love most.

If you’re serious about learning photography in Bartlett, Streamwood, and Elgin area, Creative Eye Workshops™ offers online and in-person photography classes that are powerful, convenient, and thoughtfully designed for all levels of photographers and people with busy schedules. If you’re driving in from the Bartlett, Streamwood, and Elgin area, our classes are just one minute off the I-355 tollway.

At Creative Eye Workshops™, we concentrate on the fundamentals while building confidence, educating and empowering students to think on their feet. We want our students to have fun and take photos without anxiety or aggravation. And, as our business name suggests, we’re here to help you discover and express your creative eye.

Read What Our Students Have to Say

Photo of your digital photography instructor, Mike MacDonald.

World class photographer and your photography instructor, Mike MacDonald.

Nancy M. writes, “I thoroughly enjoyed your class and look forward to further learning. Your energy and depth of knowledge are inspiring! Thanks for a great experience.”

Paul C. says, “I took several courses from Mike and each workshop gets better than the last. Mike explains everything to his students in a simplistic way that they ‘get it.’ I recommend to everyone that he is the guy that will make your photos go from ho hum to ‘Wow.'”.

Read more students reviews.


Our Courses Suit All Photographers & Subject Matter

At Creative Eye Workshops™, we provide an assortment of photography classes that are well suited to all levels of photographers and photographic subject matter. Amateur and skilled photographers, alike, may use our curriculum to improve the technical and creative competence. We offer DSLR classes, classes in photo composition, nature photography workshops, and Photoshop Elements courses. Additionally, we provide private photography lessons and money-saving class combo deals.

We Believe in Mastering the Fundamentals

Our philosophy is that mastering the fundamentals of photography best prepares and empowers our students to confidently take pictures in the chaos of the real world. Students find that our classes give them a strong foundation so that they can photograph anything they desire. This might mean getting great shots of their kids or pets, making sublime photographs of their travels, or starting their own photography businesses.

Amy S. writes after starting her own children’s portrait photography business, “I have been meaning to touch base with you just to say thanks! You were my kick start to doing exactly what I love. Your classes and work inspired me to take a leap of faith and I again thank you.”

We feature classes designed for more advanced photographers, too, among them workshops in mastering exposure, Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, digital darkroom and printmaking techniques, and landscape and nature photography.

Building Self-Confidence as You Learn

At Creative Eye Workshops™, we know that gaining confidence is just as important as acquiring knowledge. For beginners, in particular, we concentrate on helping students be composed and sure with their fancy digital cameras. We suggest that newbies begin with Get to Know Your Camera to take control of their DSLR and EVF cameras plus our inspirational photo composition course called Make Great Pictures, Now!. Find out what courses are best for you.

Take our classes in Streamwood, Bartlett, and Elgin area to improve your vacation and travel photography.

Gain the confidence and knowledge to take perfect pictures when it really counts.

Once beginners have completed our core set of classes, they should be able to apply their confidence and knowledge to whatever subject matter they wish to photograph.

Brian P. writes, “Your way of teaching and encouragement has me feeling confident about making something that has always been a passing interest into a full-fledged hobby.”

Advanced Teaching Methods & Hands-on Learning

Our hands-on photo outings help students put what they learned into practice.

Our hands-on photo outings help students practice what they’ve learned in class. Here are two intrepid students at our springtime outing to Starved Rock State Park.

Our photography curriculum features all kinds of illuminating visual presentations and hands-on exercises, specially crafted so that students can better absorb and understand the information. We also provide comprehensive class notes that allow students to revisit and reinforce the lessons between sessions. And, we send out helpful emails during class to supplement and solidify what was just taught.

Nicole D. writes, “Mike was personable, easy-going and made everyone feel good about their level of knowledge and ability to learn the techniques. Great and energetic instructor.”

Classes Specially Made for Busy People

Our photography classes attract busy people because we’ve structured our courses so that they don’t require extended commitments. Rather than developing courses that last for months, we’ve created a series of short, easy-to-schedule, courses that better fit busy lifestyles. Read about which classes we suggest.

Our classes also save you time because they’re practical and efficient. That’s because we concentrate on teaching you what you need to know, when you need to know it, rather than befuddling you with numerous unessential topics that you’re not yet ready for.

Noted Photographer & Inspirational Teacher

Your instructor, coach, and creator of Creative Eye Workshops™ is Mike MacDonald. Self-taught, Mike started out taking pictures as a hobby, but it wasn’t long before he established himself nationally, when, just 18 months into his pastime, his photographs and article on ice photography was featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine. (Read one of Mike’s nationally published articles.)

“With his wonderful sense of humor and comfortable way about him, Mike lightens the classes up whenever needed and makes sure that everyone ‘gets it.’ Mike cares about his students and his concern and follow through with each person is truly impressive. With the personal attention he gives, these classes go far beyond what a standard photo class could ever offer.”—Sarah G.

With degrees in mathematics and physics, and careers in scientific computer programming and professional comedy, Mike possesses rare and symbiotic credentials that make him stand out as a photographer and teacher. Drawing upon his unique background, Mike is able to make complex material easy to comprehend. But, if one word were needed to describe Mike, it would be “passionate.” Bursting with passion, Mike inspires his students to take their love of photography to new heights.

Photography Classes Easily Accessible from Elgin, Bartlett, and Streamwood

Driving directions to our nature photography classes from Elgin, Barlett, and Streamwood.


From Bartlett (Steamwood, Elgin, etc.), you have some choices. Consider taking I-59 south to I-88, then east to I-355 south. You can also take I-59 south to Derby Road, where you turn left (east). Derby will naturally flow into Warrenville Road, which will merge right (south) onto Belmont Road at Ogden Avenue. Follow Belmont Road for 2.3 miles to 6200 Belmont (on your right, in the middle of a block).


If you have questions about Creative Eye Workshops™ or want to know which classes may best fit your needs, just email us or phone 630-852-8448.