Photography Classes in Morris & Channahon
by Creative Eye WorkshopsTM

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Digital Photography Made Simple

Learn To Photograph the Things You Love Most!

Featuring photography classes & camera classes in Channahon, Morris, and Coal City areas to help you photograph the things you love most.

Our photography classes help you photograph the things you love most.

If you’ve been looking to learn photography near Morris, Channahon,and Coal City, Creative Eye Workshops™ offers a photography curriculum that support the needs of photographers of all levels, with a focus on the fundamentals and building confidence. Our goal is to prepare our students so they can confidently take pictures without hesitation, to think on their feet in the real world, and to have fun! Once a student learns that basics, then we take it a step further. Like our name suggests, we help you discover and express your creative eye. Our classroom is just a 30-minute drive from Channahon, Morris, and Coal City.

Listen to What Our Students Have Said

Photo of professional nature photographer and your photography teacher, Mike MacDonald.

Your teacher and internationally-published photographer, Mike MacDonald.

Paul wrote, “I looked online and found Creative Eye Workshops. This was the best investment I think I ever could have made. Mike brings a whole new understanding of what cameras could do. Mike explains everything to his students in a simplistic way that they ‘get it’.”

Sarah wrote, “For someone like me, who previously used my digital camera on all automatic settings and was fearful of the ‘unknowns’ my camera had to offer (always afraid I might touch some mysterious button by mistake), I find myself now in this wonderful place…feeling totally at ease with my camera and having the time of my life exploring and finding my own personal style.”

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Courses Designed for Every Photographer & All Subject Matter

Regardless of what you like to photograph, we offer a wide array of photography classes and learning adventures to satisfy all levels of photographers, from digital camera classes and courses in photo composition and exposure to Photoshop Elements classes, nature photography workshops, and private photography lessons. What’s more, you can save money with a class combo.

We Believe in Mastering the Fundamentals

Our experience proves that teaching the fundamentals prepares students for the real world. We want photographers to leave our classes being able to think on their feet, ready for whatever they want to shoot, whether that means making great shots of your cute grandkids or cuddly cat, taking up close-up or macro photography, or starting a portrait photography business. You will learn core technical and creative techniques, and many advanced techniques, too.

Peter from Palatine wrote us after taking our five-class core curriculum, “I took several courses with Mike and he provided me with a good basic foundation of understanding that I can use to develop my own technique and style. This is so much better than simple technical training which leads to just memorizing and mimicking someone else. When you truly comprehend what you are doing, you end up always prepared for dealing with the situation you face which leads to more satisfying results.”

We have workshops designed for more advanced photographers, too, consisting of courses in exposure, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, digital printmaking, and landscape and nature photography.

Our Classes Build Your Confidence

Naperville photography classes

Gain the confidence and knowledge to take perfect pictures when it really counts.

When we teach beginners, confidence is as important as knowledge. That’s why we train our students to fearlessly take control of their intimidating digital cameras and to photograph the world with confidence. Often, this starts with our beginning DSLR class called Get to Know Your Camera. However, beginners can also start with our insightful photo composition class called Make Great Pictures, Now!. After just five short classes, you’ll no longer be a newbie and be able to confidently apply what you’ve learned to any type of photography. Find out which classes we suggest.

Michele wrote after starting her dance photography business, “I tried two other photography courses before I found Mike; his approach to teaching is unique, but amazing. Concepts are presented in a manner that is easy to understand and helps the student learn quickly. I originally planned to just take an introductory course, but learned so much I ended up signing up for nearly every class he offered. Thanks to Mike I now have my own photography business, specializing in dance photography.”



Modern & Effective Teaching Methods

Two of our more intrepid photography students at our Starved Rock State Park springtime learning adventure.

Two of our confident students ford a creek during our yearly spring photo outing to Starved Rock State Park.

Our classes consist of hands-on learning and custom visual presentations like, computer graphics, animations, and PowerPoint slides, to help you learn and absorb the material more easily. We also provide detailed notes for each class so you can review the lessons at home. And, you’ll often receive supplementary emails to summarize or solidify the information you just learned.

Powerful Classes Designed for Busy People

We have methodically formulated our classes to accommodate people with busy schedules. For example, rather than offering extended courses, we have split them up into shorter, bite-sized, classes to make scheduling easier. Learn which course are right for you.

Brian wrote, “Thank you for the ‘Get to Know Your Camera’ course. I learned so much in two nights that it has made me really want to dive in. Your way of teaching and encouragement has me feeling confident about making something that has always been a passing interest into a full-fledged hobby.”

Our courses also save you time and money because they’re efficient and straightforward. We focus on teaching you what you need to know, when you need to know it, not driving you crazy presenting too much information and topics you’re not ready for.

World Class Photographer & Passionate Instructor

The instructor and founder of Creative Eye Workshops™ is Mike MacDonald, a self-taught photographer. Beginning like everyone else, he took on photography as a hobby. However, it wasn’t long before he established himself as a nationally published photographer, when, just a year-and-a-half later, his how-to article about photographing ice was featured in Outdoor Photographer Magazine. His photographs of Chicago nature have also been featured in the world-famous Sierra Club Wilderness Wall Calendar. Watch an interview with Mike on WTTW Chicago Tonight.

“Mike was personable and easy-going, and made everyone feel good about their level of knowledge and ability to learn the techniques. Great and energetic instructor.” —Nicole D.

With degrees in mathematics and physics, and careers in scientific computer programmer and professional comedy, Mike applies his unusual talents to his teaching, enabling him to communicate complex material in a way that’s organized, light-hearted, and easy-to-comprehend. Yet, what makes Mike stand out from the rest is an energy and a passion that inspires his students to be their best. Mike’s advice, “Make mistakes and fail miserably! It’s been true for me and I see it all the time with my students: the more mistakes you make and the more confused you are, the better you’ll become.”

Charlie says, “Mike has identified many of the photographic elements and techniques which have contributed to his own personal success, and has integrated these into the Creative Eye Workshops. This professional insight, coupled which his unbridled enthusiasm and passion, make these workshops both a rewarding and exhilarating experience.”


Photography Classes Easily Accessible from Morris, Channahon, and Coal City

Driving directions to our nature photography classes from Channahon, Morris, and Coal City areas.


From Morris, take I-80 east to I-55 north to the I-355 Tollway North. Exit at 63rd Street/Hobson Road (no toll). At the top of the ramp, turn right and go about a half-mile until you reach Belmont Road (Walgreen’s, Mobil Station on the corner). Turn left (north) and quickly get into the left lane because, in just a few seconds, you’ll see us on the left in the middle of the block. Our address is 6200 Belmont Road.

From Channahon, take I-55 north to the I-355 Tollway North. Exit at 63rd Street/Hobson Road (no toll). At the top of the ramp, turn right and go about a half-mile until you reach Belmont Road (Walgreen’s, Mobil Station on the corner). Turn left (north) and quickly get into the left lane because, in just a few seconds, you’ll see us on the left in the middle of the block. Our address is 6200 Belmont Road.


If you have questions about our classes, let us know. Just email or phone us at 630-852-8448.