“A Night On The Town”

Night Photography Outing in Downers Grove



LEVEL: Most Photographers

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Capture the enchantment and excitement of the night by photographing Downers Grove after dark. Photograph the glorious marquee of the Tivoli Theatre, the trains and train station, the street lights and the traffic, the active night life and the peaceful cemetery.  (Gift Cards for this photo outing are available.)

Photo outings are educational social events that gather like-minded people to share a common activity. During this outing, your instructor will hold a short lesson on night photography, including composition, white balance, and exposure. Students who stay with the group will be able to get additional guidance, and don’t forget that participants also have a lot to share.

During this photography outing, we shoot for about two-and-a-half hours, beginning right before dark when the sky is still blue—a wonderful time to capture the colorful lights against a twilight sky. Then, as the sky grows dark, we’ll walk around the town, making discoveries and shooting all along the way.

For greatest enjoyment, you should be fairly comfortable with your camera and know how it works so that you can better enjoy the experience. Night photography is different and you’ll need to access some features that you wouldn’t normally use during daylight hours. Please read the Class Requirements for this course.

Once you are accepted into the outing, you’ll be notified where to meet. We’ll shoot for about two-and-a-half hours and then, after the shoot, the group is invited to assemble for dinner or drinks so participants can share their experiences.

If you have questions about the outing, please contact us by email or phone 630-852-8448.