Frequently Asked Questions

TheRiversEdge-PrintQ: I just purchased a new camera. Can I take your photography classes?
A: You may take any of our classes if you have a DSLR camera, one that you can change the lenses. If you can’t, then you own a point-and-shoot camera, which doesn’t give you the flexibility and access you need to learn photography.

Q: I’m new at photography, what classes do you suggest I take?
A: The bottom line is take the following classes and you will quickly be on your way: Get to Know Your Camera, Make Great Pictures Now!, Digital Photo Basics 1!, Complete Exposure, and Photoshop Elements Essentials. For a more detail answer, please read this very insightful page: Mike’s Photography Class Suggestions. .

Q: I don’t take many nature photographs. Do you only teach nature photography?
A: We teach real life, unstaged photography, which is what most people do. Subject matter is not relevant. It doesn’t matter if you photograph children or animals, flowers or bugs, landscapes or cityscapes, scenic shots or vacation pictures, the fundamental concepts are the same.

Q: I want to get into portrait & studio photography. Can your classes help me?
A: If you are just starting out, then you need to learn the fundamentals of exposure and composition. We’re superb at teaching the fundamentals. Of course, you will eventually need to take specialized photography classes to learn about artificial lighting and portraiture that we have no plans of offering. However, if you master the fundamentals, any kind of photography will become much easier to learn.

Q: Are your classes complicated?
A: By its very nature, photography is a technical subject (no two ways about it). But, Mike makes it as simple as possible. As a self-taught photographer, Mike learned the hard way. And, because he has degrees in mathematics and physics, Mike has simplifed all of the complex information and created visually intuitive animations and graphics to make learning easier.

Q: Technical info scares me. Are your classes hard?
A: Everyone starts out being a little afraid of their digital cameras. They’re mysterious, complicated, and expensive. So, you’ll be happy to know that you’re perfectly normal! Not only do we specialize in simplifying the complicated ideas and making the fundamentals easy to learn. But, we’re also very good at helping you overcome your fear. So, quit worrying, start learning, and have fun!


CONVENIENTLY LOCATED: Creative Eye Workshops offers a variety of photography classes in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove, Illinois (near Naperville, IL). Because we are located off the 63rd Street/Hobson Road exit of I-355 and close to main thoroughfares like Warrenville Road, Ogden Avenue, Belmont Road/Finley Road, 75th Street, Butterfield Road, and Route 53, we are quickly and immediately accessible from nearby towns like Bolingbrook, Lisle, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Oak Brook, Westmont, Woodridge, Plainfield, and Aurora. But, because of our accessibility, students come from all around to take our weekday evening photo courses, including those from Oak Park, La Grange, Orland Park, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, and the city of Chicago. Students have driven from as far as away as Indiana, McHenry County, and Evanston because they know that we offer something better and different.