Make Great Pictures, Now!


Photo Composition Course in Wheaton & Glen Ellyn Area

Conveniently Located in Downers Grove



For: Any photographer will benefit from insightful class.
Requirements: Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera (DSLR or Mirrorless)  (View Course Requirements)
Prerequisites: Get to Know Your Camera
Note: This photography class is truly what photography is all about: creativity!

This workshop teaches the fundamentals of photo composition, but it is by no means basic. In his time as a photographer, Mike MacDonald has invented several of his own “secret” techniques and rules. Even seasoned photographers will learn a thing or two.

In just three hours, you will see the world through your lens in completely new way, changing your photography forever.  (Gift Cards for this class are available.)

“I thoroughly enjoyed your ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ composition class and look forward to further learning. Your energy and depth of knowledge are inspiring! Thanks for a great experience.” — Nancy M. / Glen Ellyn, IL

This fun, insightful, and inspiring photography composition class is taught by internationally published photographer, Mike MacDonald, where you will learn Mike’s his secrets for creating more poignant, dynamic images simply by changing your perspective—both physically and the way you think.

Though technical photographic technique and a better camera will help you make technically good pictures, only the knowledge of photographic composition will help you make a great one. In fact, photo composition is a game of inches: Take a picture from one position and you get a boring image. Nudge the camera a little and, suddenly, you have an exciting photo. But, how do you know how to place the camera? Well, that’s what this course in photography composition will teach you.

“I didn’t take ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ just to learn how to compose a picture. I love Mike’s photography and I took the class to learn how Mike composes a picture.” — Laurel S. / Wheaton, IL

As stated before, many of the ideas taught in this photography composition course are not just the usual rules presented in art class. Mike has invented some new ones. Now, there are lots of rules out there, but Mike only teaches the most powerful ones—the ones that you need most and the very rules that he uses in the field to create his internationally published images.

Mike has a powerful system for helping his students learn composition. “If composition were juggling,” Mike explains, “then landscape photography is like juggling a dozen balls and portrait photography is like juggling one. If you can make a solid landscape image, then everything else is easy.” Therefore, Mike teaches the fundamental concepts of composition and then Mike challenges his students to apply those rules to photographing the landscape for their homework. As Mike puts it, “What’s so great about this class is the speed at which students improve. It’s a wonderful thing to see!”


The two sessions take place at Mike’s home studio in Downers Grove (in the Chicago suburbs near Naperville, IL). During the first session, Mike presents his compositional approach, then projects several photographs on the screen. In a lively class discussion, students are asked to determine which ideas apply to each photograph. The class is very interactive and includes many examples to help students absorb the information through repetition and analysis. At the end of the first session, a photo assignment is given.

During the second session, Mike will project the homework images made by students and give valuable feedback, noting the improvement and giving practical advice. During this discussion session, all remaining questions will be answered.

Normally, this class is limited to 10 students, depending on the experience level of the participants, but during snow season the maximum may be limited to the 7, which is the number of on-site parking spots. So, please register quickly to ensure a spot.