Photography Classes in Sandwich, Yorkville, & Plano
by Creative Eye WorkshopsTM

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Digital Photography Made Simple

Learn To Photograph the Things You Love Most!

Offering photography workshops & camera classes in Sandwich, Plano, and Yorkville area to help you photograph the things you love most.

Our photography classes help you photograph the things you love most.

If you wish to learn photography in Sandwich, Yorkville, and Plano areas, Creative Eye Workshops™ offers photography classes that are practical, convenient, and efficient for photographers of all levels. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed for people with busy schedules.

We focus on the fundamentals and building your confidence so you’re able to take control of your camera without worry or hesitation. And, as our name says, we help you to discover and express your creative eye.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Photo of your digital photography instructor, Mike MacDonald.

Internationally-published photographer & your photography teacher, Mike MacDonald.

“For someone like me, who previously used my digital camera on all automatic settings and was fearful of the ‘unknowns’ my camera had to offer (always afraid I might touch some mysterious button by mistake), I find myself now in this wonderful place…feeling totally at ease with my camera and having the time of my life exploring and finding my own personal style.”—Sarah G.

“I have read half dozen books on photography, and none were able to explain the fundamentals of proper exposure like you were. Now I have a much clearer understanding of correct exposure and how to achieve it.”
—Chris E.

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Courses Designed for Every Photographer & All Subject Matter

Creative Eye Workshops™ delivers a varied curriculum of courses for photographers of all levels, and providing the tools to photograph your favorite subject. Amateur and advanced photographers can benefit from our courses by improving their technical and creative skills. Our offerings range from photographic composition and how to use a DSLR camera to nature photography and Adobe Photoshop Elements. We even provide private photography lessons and help you save money with our class combos.

Our Classes Are All You Need

If you’re serious about really learning photography, and not the impossible “quick fix,” look no further than Creative Eye Workshops™. That’s because we not only teach you the hows, but we teach whys, empowering you confidently think on your feet under “real world” conditions. You will learn very quickly since we teach you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it, instead of frustrating you with tons of information that you’re not ready to for.

Amy wrote after starting her own baby photography business, “I have been meaning to touch base with you just to say thanks! You were my kick start to doing exactly what I love. Your classes and work inspired me to take a leap of faith and I again thank you.”

Our instruction provides students with a strong footing, readying them to photograph anything they want, whether it be grandkids or pets, close-ups of flowers, travel or nature, or starting a baby photography business. Students learn many artistic and technical aspects of photography, including many advanced photographic techniques. Bottom line: If you understand the fundamentals, you’re ready for anything.

For more advanced photographers, we offer more advanced courses, like classes in mastering exposure, Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, digital printmaking, and landscape and nature photography.

We Build Your Confidence As You Learn

Photography takes time to master, but what slows people down the most is their fear of their cameras. That’s why we work just as hard as building your confidence as we do your knowledge. Especially with beginners, we get them to fearlessly take charge of their fancy digital cameras. For starters, new photographers take our fun and inspiring photo composition class and our powerful DSLR camera class that teaches how to take better pictures manually, free from those unpredictable and mysterious automatic and point-and-shoot modes. Learn which classes you should take.

Students who complete our core of fundamental photography classes can confidently enjoy photography and attack any challenges instead of fearing them.

We offer photography classes near Oak Brook, Hinsdale, and Clarendon Hills including nature photography workshops and hands-on DSLR camera courses that will give you the confidence and the training to get the picture when you need it most.

Gain the confidence and knowledge to take perfect pictures when it really counts.

Brian writes, “Thank you for the ‘Get to Know Your Camera’ course. I learned so much in two nights that it has made me really want to dive in. Your way of teaching and encouragement has me feeling confident about making something that has always been a passing interest into a full-fledged hobby.”


Advanced Teaching Methods Helps You Shoot with Confidence

We offer hands-on photo outings to help students put what they learned into practice.

We offer hands-on photo outings to help students practice what they’ve learned in class. Here are two intrepid students at our springtime outing to Starved Rock State Park.

In additional to hands-on exercises, we employ visual presentations with computer animations and graphics to help students learn the ideas more quickly and easily. Comprehensive class notes are also provided, helping students revisit and reinforce the material between sessions. Furthermore, supplementary emails are often sent during a class to support and solidify what was just taught.

Classes Specifically Designed to Fit Your Busy Life

If you wish to learn photography, but you don’t think you have enough time, our classes can help. We schedule our classes on weekday evenings and split them up into shorter manageable courses. Each class regularly repeats, but each time, it will take on a different day of the week, to help people who, for instance, can only come on Tuesdays. Read about which classes we suggest.

Accomplished Photographer & Inspirational Instructor

Your instructor and founder of Creative Eye Workshops™ is Mike MacDonald. He started photography as a hobby and learned the hard way, teaching himself because of his disappointment in the lack of quality fundamental information. In just 18 months, Mike established his photography when his photographs and story about photographing ice was published in Outdoor Photographer Magazine. His photographs of Chicago nature have also been featured in the world-famous Sierra Club Wilderness Wall Calendar. Watch an interview with Mike on WTTW Chicago Tonight.

Nicole wrote, “Mike was personable and easy-going, and made everyone feel good about their level of knowledge and ability to learn the techniques. Great and energetic instructor.”

With has degrees in physics and mathematics, and a widely diverse background ranging from professional comedy to scientific computer programming, Mike uses his skills to communicate and present the most challenging technical and creative concepts in an easy-to-understand way. Bursting with passion, Mike inspires his students to take their love of photography to new heights.

Photography Classes Easily Accessible from Sandwich, Yorkville, & Plano

Driving directions to our photography classes from Sandwich, Yorkville, and Plano.


From Sandwich, Yorkville, and Plano, make your way to the I-88 Tollway and take it west to I-355 Tollway South. Exit at 63rd Street/Hobson Road (unattended toll) and turn left (east) at the top of the ramp. In a half-mile, you’ll reach Belmont Road, where there’s a Walgreen’s, Mobil Station, on the corner. Turn left (north) and quickly get into the left lane because, in just a few seconds, you’ll see us on the left in the middle of the block. Our address is 6200 Belmont Road.

From Yorkville, you can take Route 126 east to I-55 north to I-355 Tollway north. From I-355, exit at 63rd Street/Hobson Road (no toll). At the top of the ramp, turn right and go about a half-mile until you reach Belmont Road (Walgreen’s, Mobil Station on the corner). Turn left (north) and quickly get into the left lane because, in just a few seconds, you’ll see us on the left in the middle of the block. Our address is 6200 Belmont Road.


If you have questions about our classes, let us know. Just email or phone us at 630-852-8448.