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Photography is fun and rewarding. But, if you’re looking for classes, you already know that making good pictures is challenging. However, providing you with information isn’t enough. You need confidence, too. Mike will help you with both! Please read further for stories about how he’s molded anxious newbies into fine, fearless photographers.

For anyone contemplating what combination of classes to take with Mike, consider The Core package.

Having just completed this group of classes, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their photography to another level. It is set up so that each class flows nicely from one to the next…building your confidence level along the way.

For someone like me, who previously used my digital camera on all automatic settings and was fearful of the “unknowns” my camera had to offer (always afraid I might touch some mysterious button by mistake), I find myself now in this wonderful place…feeling totally at ease with my camera and having the time of my life exploring and finding my own personal style.

With his wonderful sense of humor and comfortable way about him, Mike lightens the classes up whenever needed and makes sure that everyone “gets it.” Mike cares about his students and his concern and follow through with each person is truly impressive. With the personal attention he gives, these classes go far beyond what a standard photo class could ever offer.

I have rediscovered my passion for photography through my experience with the Creative Eye Workshops and am looking forward to continuing on under Mike’s tutelage for years to come.

Naperville, IL

I thoroughly enjoyed your “Make Great Pictures, Now!” class and look forward to further learning. Your energy and depth of knowledge are inspiring! Thanks for a great experience.

Glen Ellyn, IL

I tried two other photography courses before I found Mike; his approach to teaching is unique, but amazing. Concepts are presented in a manner that is easy to understand and helps the student learn quickly. I originally planned to just take an introductory course, but learned so much I ended up signing up for nearly every class he offered. Thanks to Mike I now have my own photography business, specializing in dance photography.

Michele W.
Bolingbrook, IL

Before I took your classes, I thought I was fairly competent with a camera. Man was I wrong! I found out very quickly that I was a basic “point and shooter” when it came to taking pictures.

But after taking your classes, starting with “Get to Know Your Camera” and through “Complete Exposure,” I finally learned how to take a great picture. I also learned to edit my pictures a lot better by taking your “Photoshop Elements Essentials” class.

I know that there is still a great deal to learn about photography, but taking your classes has pointed me in the right direction in becoming a better photographer.

Downers Grove, IL

After starting her own child portrait photography business:

I have been meaning to touch base with you just to say thanks! You were my kick start to doing exactly what I love. Your classes and work inspired me to take a leap of faith and I again thank you.

Aurora, IL

I want you to know that it was quite a learning experience for me in your photography classes. Like many people, I have been doing travel photography and have taken good pictures. I came to you to learn to take Great Pictures. I learned what makes good picture Great. As they say “The more you know, you find out how little you know,” so I am beginning.

GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA is a must for anyone starting out. Because I already had a little experience, I felt there was quite a bit repetition. But, it forced me to use some of the features that I was not using enough.

The MAKE GREAT PICTURES NOW composition class gave me so many angles that I have not found in the books I have read.

COMPLETE EXPOSURE was the ultimate in taking control of the camera in different challenging situations. I now understand how the camera sees things and its limitations.

Overall it was a great experience. I loved your personal email guidance to the questions as they came up.

With regards,

Umesh Sharma, M.D.
Burr Ridge, IL

I truly enjoyed attending Mike’s “Photoshop Elements Essentials” class. He brings a unique enthusiasm and energy to the classroom, and taught me an incredible amount in just 4 sessions. Anyone can read the book, but it is Mike’s perspective and insight that makes all the difference. Very worthwhile.

Lisle, IL

I have been taking DSLR pictures of birds, nature, and landscapes for many years and occasionally came up with a few really good ones. I wanted to try and improve my camera skills and took a few classes with Mike. After taking the ‘Get to Know Your Camera,’ ‘Complete Exposure’ and ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ classes, I am putting those lessons to use with great results—I now am using my camera to take nature photographs and not just pictures. The classes provided very valuable and practical advice with immediate results.

Joe S.
Naperville, IL

Thank you for a wonderful class (Make Great Pictures, Now!). I found all the information very helpful and I will now be able to take more meaningful and exciting pictures. I loved the opportunity to have you suggest improvements on the pictures I brought to class, and to comment on the things I was doing well.

I would recommend your class to anyone who wants to take better pictures.

Don K.
La Grange Park, IL

I will definitely take more classes. Mike was personable, easy-going and made everyone feel good about their level of knowledge and ability to learn the techniques. Great and energetic instructor.

South Barrington, IL

Just wanted to take a moment and drop you a line to say “Thanks.”

I found your Exposure teaching techniques very useful; You helped me see things in a different light. (Pun intended.) I have read a half dozen books on photography, and none were able to explain the fundamentals of proper exposure like you were.

I am certainly not a master photographer yet, but now I have a much clearer understanding of correct exposure and how to achieve it. I am happy to say that I’m no longer afraid to use the manual settings on my camera.

Lisle, IL

I didn’t take ‘Make Great Pictures, Now!’ just to learn how to compose a picture. I love Mike’s photography and I took the class to learn how Mike composes a picture.

Wheaton, IL

I took several courses with Mike and I must say he provided me with just what I was looking for. A good basic foundation of understanding that I can use to develop my own technique and style. This is so much better than simple technical training which leads to just memorizing and mimicking someone else. When you truly comprehend what you are doing, you end up always prepared for dealing with the situation you face which leads to more satisfying results. I find Manual mode now to be easiest setting to use not because I know my camera but more importantly I understand light. This has proven out in my travels since taking the classes.

All the best,

Palatine, IL

Thank you for the (“Get to Know Your Camera”) course. I thought it was great. This class is not for the faint of heart, but I learned so much in two nights that it has made me really want to dive in.

This was way more than an overview. Your way of teaching and encouragement has me feeling confident about making something that has always been a passing interest into a full-fledged hobby.

I appreciate it.

Naperville, IL

I knew what kind of photos I wanted to produce but couldn’t figure out to achieve amazing, jaw-dropping pictures that had a WOW factor. I’ve taken pictures for years and couldn’t quite capture what I was seeing or trying to convey to the viewer on print. Then, I took several of Mike’s classes and voila, my pictures improved immensely and in just a short period of time!

My family and friends are amazed at the difference they see. I learned how to work my DSLR properly, deal with different tonalities and how to take astonishing photos by thinking them through more. I highly recommend Mike, he brings great knowledge, experience and excitement to each class. Thanks again for everything, I’m extremely happy with the results! Look out world, here I come!

Jen K.
Naperville, IL

When I first bought my DSLR camera I took a course from the camera shop about how to use it. After the 1-hour session, that instructor opened my eyes on what an DSLR camera could do, but I felt that he didn’t truly didn’t answer all of my questions. So I looked online and found Creative Eye Workshops. This was the best investment I think I ever could have made. Mike brings a whole new understanding of what cameras could do.

I took several courses from Mike and each workshop gets better than the last. Mike explains everything to his students in a simplistic way that they “get it”. I recommend to everyone that he is the guy that will make your photos go from ho hum to “Wow”.

Thanks again Mike.

Geneva, IL

Mike has identified many of the photographic elements and techniques which have contributed to his own personal success, and has integrated these into the Creative Eye Workshops. This professional insight coupled which his unbridled enthusiasm and passion make these workshops both a rewarding and exhilarating experience. Regardless of your level of experience, you can’t wait to grab your camera and to try these shared techniques and ideas out.

Darien, IL

Written after finishing COMPLETE EXPOSURE:

Thanks so much for the great classes! I learned so much sometimes it hurt my brain (LOL). But, it has been sinking in and I “see” things a bit differently now. I appreciate your attention to detail and making sure you explained things very thoroughly. I know my photography has improved and I look forward to continuing to practice.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Justice, IL