Photography Class Prices

Shown below is the the price table of individual photography classes along special photography workshop package coupons that reward you for taking more than one course at a time. To help you figure out which classes you should take, see Mike’s Photography Class Suggestions.

* Textbook and software not included.
Art of Digital Printmaking$120
Art of Landscape Photography$149
Complete Exposure$199
Digital Photo Basics 1$49
Get to Know Your Camera$99
Light & The Landscape$149
Make Great Pictures, Now!$99
Photoshop Elements Essentials$169*
Photoshop Elements Applied 1$99*
Photoshop Fundamentals 1$169*
Photo Feedback$49
Split Grad Filter Secrets$59
Photo Outing - A Night on the Town$69
Learning Adventure - Winter Quest$99
Learning Adventure - Starved Rock Spring$129
Learning Adventure - Chicago Area Spring Wildflowers$99
Learning Adventure - Summer Prairie$99
Learning Adventure - Starved Rock Fall Color$129
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