Art of Digital Printmaking


Digital Printmaking Workshop in Naperville area

Conveniently Located in Downers Grove



(For photographers comfortable with Photoshop)

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Even if you aren’t making your own prints, this class will get your pictures looking 100 times better than the originally captured image.

Learn the art of digital printmaking from master printmaker Mike MacDonald in his home photography studio. Mike will teach you the same techniques he uses to create his large stunning landscape murals.

On the surface, this 4-hour hand-on workshop is a creative course on digital printmaking. But, really, it’s about taking the image that the camera spit out after pressing the shutter and turning it into the story that you originally envisioned, full of drama, depth, and emotion. Of course, you need to start out with a strong composition. But, even so, the image that comes out of the camera often seems a bit flat and a little disappointing. The captured image is not the truth, but merely the beginning of the process towards better conveying the truth and the photographer’s vision. Gift Cards for this class are available.

Learn how to technically and creatively finesse your images to achieve the highest fidelity and depth, while, at the same time, powerfully communicating your own personal vision.

While viewing your picture, we have you go back to the moment of composition and ask you to recall the story, characters, relationships, and emotions that you were hoping to convey. Once we have an understanding of your experience, we can then use various, yet very simple, Photoshop tools and techniques to better bring your vision into reality.

This is a course that APPLIES Photoshop, not a class ABOUT Photoshop. We use a small handful of very simple Photoshop tools, many of which you have already used hundreds of times before. Yes, you will probably learn a couple of new Adobe Photoshop tricks, however the course is about identifying your goal and then picking the right Photoshop tools to attain that goal.

Every picture is it’s own little puzzle. But, landscapes are easily the most puzzling of all. That’s because a landscape, buy its very nature, is chaotic, consisting of a myriad of beautiful subjects each competing for attention. But, a picture of the landscape can potentially convey even more chaos. That’s because the third dimension is collapsed into two, reducing the feeling of depth, but also causing subjects to criss-cross and collide.

Of course, much of the puzzle needs to be solved at the time of exposure in terms of composition and lighting. But, even the best composed landscape images benefit from some Photoshop finessing for the purpose of restoring depth, separating subject matter, reinforcing a sense of order, and re-establish “truth.

The great thing about this class is that it’s not about learning the latest gimmicks and trends. It’s about using a small handful of very common Photoshop tools and techniques that you’ve already used dozens of times before!

Learn how to technically and creatively finesse your images to achieve the highest fidelity and depth, while, at the same time, communicating your personal vision.

Please read the Course Requirements before applying. It is very important that you have a firm grasp of Photoshop so you can concentrate on the art, and not be struggling with the technical stuff.

Course Agenda

The class take place in the intimate atmosphere of Mike’s home and studio in Downers Grove, Illinois. The first part will consist of a 2 hour lecture and discussion showing the techniques. Then, we will break for lunch, which you’re free to bring one along. After lunch, we’ll have a 2 hour lab session where you will work on your own favorite photographs under Mike’s tutelage.

This photography class will be limited to a small number of students, so please register quickly to insure a spot.

If you have further questions about Mike MacDonald photography workshops just email or phone 630-852-8448.