Creative Eye WorkshopsTM

Money-Saving Workshop Packages for Photography Classes

Give the gift of photography with a gift card for photo classes.

Give yourself the gift of photography, today!

A Workshop Package works just like a gift card, but one that you’ve purchase at a discount. Once the package is purchased, you’ll receive a special gift card code by email. You can then use that code to purchase the classes in the package. Find out which package is right for you.

Terms of Use:

  1. You may NOT Purchase a package for someone else. This is only for students who know what they need. Please purchase a Gift Card, instead.
  2. Workshop Package Code will be emailed to the student named on the coupon.
  3. Workshop Packages expires two (2) years from the date of issue.
  4. Workshop Package Coupons may only be redeemed for the individual photography classes listed on the coupon that are fully sponsored by Mike MacDonald Photography, Inc. (Creative Eye Workshops).
  5. Workshop Package Coupon only applies to the full-priced classes that are part of your package.
  6. Workshop Package Coupon cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards, Coupons, Vouchers, discounted or items on sale.
  7. Workshop Package Coupon may be redeemed by someone other than Student, but you must first contact us to make the transfer.
  8. To redeem, Workshop Package Coupon Code must be presented to Mike MacDonald Photography, Inc. at the time payment is requested.
  9. There shall be no refunds or exchanges for cash or non-applicable products or services and no cash will be returned. Mike MacDonald Photography, Inc. is not responsible for loss or theft. All cancellation and refund policies apply.
  10. If a class is modified (lengthened, shortened, etc.), the “VALUE” and number of “SESSIONS” will be used to convert your coupon accordingly. If a class is no longer offered, then you may apply the coupon to any other class or receive a refund for the value of that specific class.


1. After you’ve purchased your package and have received your special code by email, go back and add the proper classes to your shopping cart.

2. During the checkout process, enter the Gift Card Code.